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Hal Haller

Hal serves as Pastor of Black Rock Stamford, CT.  Graduating from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, most of my ministry experience has been on starting new churches, overseeing networks of churches, running non-profits and consulting with religious organizations. I have an entrepreneurial passion to activate and mobilize people for God’s work. I love watching football, playing guitar, and going to the movies with my family.


Sharon Haller

Sharon serves Black Rock Stamford as the Sunday morning coordinator.  She is excited to see the new growth in the church and the exciting opportunities ahead.


Israel Kelly

Israel serves as the worship director at Black Rock Stamford.  An artist, musician, and pastor, Israel is excited to build the Black Rock music arts and add to the team of musicians, artists and creative volunteers.






Andrea Barnett

Andrea serves as ministry coordinator and assistant at Black Rock Stamford. In addition to her role at Black Rock, Andrea is a Freelance Video Editor where she gets to work on all kinds of fun projects. This has given her great opportunities to share her faith and shine brightly in what can be a very dark industry. Andrea is very passionate about spreading God's story through film in ways that penetrate hearts and minds.